Hi again! Boy have I got a story for you!  So tonight we decided to go to an  outdoor restaurant and ended up next to a family of six. We had just finished our food and were about to ask for the check  when  my momma saw a HUGE   bug!  It looked like a grasshopper, but it was at least 6 inches long, with an even longer wingspan. It flew away and she looked around to see where it had landed and she saw it one table over…. on a girl’s head! The girl screamed and threw the bug on her brother who contorted his body to avoid it, jumped up and ran into a nearby tiki torch. The bug then flew onto my daddy and he jumped out of his chair and shook it of.  Then it flew into the other brothers face! We were all screaming and running around. The entire restaurant was staring! The bug finally flew away and we all started laughing. All in all we had a wonderful night! Now if you will excuse me I am gonna hit the hay

🌺 Charlotte

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