Hi again! So I have some BIG news! I am going to…. (drumroll please)  Costa Rica 🇨🇷! YAY!!!!! I am so  psyched! So today I’m gonna talk about something very important when you’re traveling, an emergency  purse (or wallet if your a boy). This is very important if you get lost or separated from your family. Here is a list of the things you need.

1: A list of the  phone numbers of the people you are with

2:  A piece of paper with the address of where you are staying

3:  enough money  for a payphone, snack and a bus ride if necessary.

4:  A water bottle

Remember the most important thing on any trip is to stay safe (And  to have fun) Until next time 😊

🌺  Charlotte

Hi y’all! My name is  Charlotte and I ❤️ to travel! In this blog you can see pics of all the places I go and get travel tips! Here is a list of some of the places I’ve been!

– Hawaii

– Florida

– Turks and Caicos

–  Baldhead island (My cousin and I won third place in the  golf cart decorating parade)

These  are just a few of the many places that I have visited! Can’t wait to share all my  adventures with y’all!

🌺 Charlotte